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dore illustrations

Hieronymus Bosch   (see also Mad Meg and others from Bruegel)

Illustrators of Dante's Inferno

Gustav Dore     William Blake     Peter Greenaway's TV Dante


Animwatch - a guide to the best animation projects

Animation Web Guide: Your guide to animation on the Internet.

animate clay is an excellent resource for news and help

free ebooks
* Dante's Inferno at Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg - free text files of classic books to download

Dante at Read Print a clear way to read online


Dante at     imps at wikipedia

Wikipedia - free online encyclopedia you can edit yourself

Digital Dante      Grotesque Images in Dante‚Äôs Inferno ...more

river styx
* interactive exploration of the classical underworld

RiverStyx - Flash animated adventure in Hades


Runes, Vikings & Norse Mythology

* roman coin of severus

Encyclopaedia Romana

information on all things Roman
theoi greeks

Theoi and Greek Myths

Greek Mythological Link

spirited away

Spirited Away, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Castle Laputa...

Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature Film 2002
'Spirited Away' is one of Miyazaki's many beautiful Studio Ghibli films

Lincoln Imp
The Lincoln Imp

Big Cartoon Database - search for your favourite characters

also see - the Open Directory

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