Imps! graphic subtitles

Apple's DVD Studio Pro (shown left) allows for multiple tracks for subtitles, each of which would usually be in a different language.

Imps! uses them to also provide user choice about the size and style of the subtitles.

Subtitles can be anywhere on the screen in any typeface, since the font is converted to pixels during the creation of the DVD. Graphics created in Adobe Photoshop can be added to create cartoon-style 'speech bubbles' and 'thought bubbles'.

The colour & style of these can match the character helping to identify the 'speaker' and integrating the subtitles into the film.

Space is planned for the bubbles and text at storyboard stage so that they do not obscure important action.

YouTube subtitles

YouTube has provision for uploading CC ClosedCaptions in formats including SubRip.

Miyu is a free Mac program for creating these captions and Miyu provides for a choice of fonts, colours and effects. These can be rendered to a number of formats including QuickTime movies but are not included in the SubRip file uploaded to YouTube. YouTube has the default white text on a black background shown above.

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