Several of the logos on the Imps! Links page have been made or adapted
in Photoshop and Imageready to suit the page:

In the above example a screenshot was taken of the Web site.

This was cropped and then a selection made and feathered to blend it into the Imps! links page background colour of #440044 purple.

The typeface used is 'Trebuchet ms' with various effects applied. For the animated rollover the text was rasterized so that it could be changed with the 'liquify' filter over a number of frames, each set to a progressively reduced opacity setting to fade the text. The rollover was saved as an animated gif containing just 32 colours to keep the download time short. The rollover was set to repeat, with a longer delay on the last frame.

Permission from the Riverstyx site developers was sought (and granted) to use this graphic and link to their site.


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