Imps! Progress Report: Dec 2003

The images above are part of a lighting test

Jamie directing

6 heads by Jamie

21 Dec 2003: The lava is made from plastic beads scattered on a translucent perspex drawing board, lit from below. Bunches of fibre-optics will create flaming torches and other light sources. Since these will trimmed from a fake Christmas tree (slyly bought for the purpose) we have to be patient for a few more days...

The larger boss devil is made from plasticene which has been shaped around a Lego Bionicle plastic armature. These have interchangeable ball and socket joints, which allowed me to rejig the legs to reverse the 'knees' to be more fawn-like. They are easily available in a range of sizes and this one cost just four pounds (about $6) rather than the $69 stainless steel armatures sold by Armaverse.

The smaller red imp mk1 has a simple armature of bent florist's wire.

25 Dec 2003: A search for the word 'imps' for potential conflicts of branding and to see what perceptions of the word may be held by others revealed

which lead to
a promising system for transferring stop-motion style animation directly into a virtual 3D package. If this can be used for some of the animation together with RealViz ImageModeler to input the initial modelling data, the efficient workflow may help to achieve far more.


image above by kind permission of D.I.D inc

31 December 2003: The last progress update to be featured at as we have taken 15MB of free hosting at and also bought the domain for $50 which will be redirected to the free hosting.

Now to storyboard a sequence before it is forgotten, the hero of which is named 'Hiero' after Hieronymus Bosch.

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