Imps! Progress Report: Jan 2004

introducing one of the evil imps, bullying a soul

Jamie wraps Plasticine around a Lego Bionicle armature

12 Jan 2004: This may be a quiet month for Imps! since there are many other deadlines to meet. Some new imps are evolving and will gain wings soon...

Work continues on plots and storyboards.


16 Jan 2004: Searching for '' brings up this site's home page for the first time - top! The site was submitted to just ten days ago. does the same unless the search is limited to pages from the UK, at which point it only finds links from my main site at and .mac homepages. This might resolve in time, but as a safety measure the site has just been submitted to Searching just for 'imps' found this site at number 125, a reasonable start point but much to do to achieve a position on the first page of any Google search. AltaVista, Lycos and the Open Directory at are next...

Please link to this site - it may help to improve search rankings. Let us know when you do and we can return the favour.

March 2004 disappeared from Google completely along with our PageRanking - Google's monthly re-ranking 'Googledances' are fickle and frustrating.
July 2004 sees us back top for '' and listed 34 for 'imps'.
By August it was very clear that Google disliked the way redirected to the free hosting at (which we were outgrowing anyway). Imps was on the same server as - the many crosslinks made it seem to Google that it was part of a spam 'linkfarm'. Thank you to Tom at for offering us space on his hosting - within the week presented us top for '' and 29 for just 'imps'.

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