Imps! Scenery and Set Design

Hiero and Dan discuss their escape -
but are spied on by Bully

The great stone bridge is very strong, made from papier mâché of newspaper and PVA glue over a chicken wire frame. The top coat of tissue paper and PVA creates a more interesting 'stone' texture ready for painting.

Dan and Hiero journey through much of the Hell described by Dante in the Divine Comedy and portrayed by the visions of Bosch, Dore and Blake.

 The stairs down from the great stone bridge
 see these being made below

They then break on through into areas of the Underworld occupied by other cultures including Norse and Ancient Egyptian. This calls for a lot of scenery, some seen only fleetingly as our heros flee past, chased by a range of horrors.

Some raw materials including chicken wire and wood have been salvaged from skips. Other ingredients are rocks and tree roots, coloured beads for the lava and oddments of wood from the hardware shop, used for columns such as the spiral one above right.

Paints used are mostly from the wide range of acrylics available from Games Workshop™ whose online articles on making terrain for wargames (here and here) are inspiring.

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