Imps! 3D CGI - 3 Dimensional Computer Generated Imagery

  Imps enter the virtual domain:

< left  Their wings are being created in Cinema4D using sweeped splines and circle primitives. The skin is added using lofts.

It's a whole new language featuring hyperNURBS and metaballs.

A project of great contrasts: reading the online manuals for a 3D programme and translations of Dante's 'Inferno' verse written seven centuries earlier.

The wings are taken into Poser 5 and added to the characters. Poser is being used to develop the storyboards and a digital 'animatic'.

The animatic helps to plan the plasticine claymation shots and aids with pacing and the production of the soundtrack. As shots are completed they can be edited into a copy of the animatic, replacing the prototype section to create a roughcut 'showreel'.    3D links

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